2017 Milestones

December 11th, 2017 - By: Julia

It has been a very very long process to get to this point for us and we would like to thank those who have been patiently waiting while we organize and develop this platform. WE started out as a huge collection of ideas and have been able to implement but a few so far because of time and financial constrictions. We hope that during the upcoming year, we will be able to implement more of the functions as well as raise funds to film the courses. We were able to develop and implement the avatar system, although we will add more options and clothes to it later on. We also added friends, messaging, forums, blog and one third party game. Those features are fully functional, although in much need of better presentation. Hopefully, we will be able to hire a UI Designer in the future if we get enough interest in the website. We welcome all users to share their feedback and to signal out bugs and issues that they believe should be addressed. Of course, right now, we have a long list of things to work on, but we will prioritize and deal with all issues as soon as we can. Once again I thank all those who supported our cause by liking the Facebook page or emailing me for updates. Have a Happy New Year 2018 and we hope that we can deliver much more than your expectations this new year.